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Bold yet detailed.

Meticulous and engaging.

Design for people who love

animals and the natural world.

 Alice wearing the polar bear shirt from her foray into arctic animals.

Alice wearing the polar bear shirt from her foray into arctic animals.

Alice Frost

Do we really see the world around us?

I was missing it until a little bird told me to look closer. One migrating Bullock’s Oriole inspired my journey to discover the natural abundance around us. Once I found out there were 646 native birds that live in California, it was only natural that I would translate this discovery through art.

Fun facts:

  • I wasn’t a birder before I started this business.
  • Put a bird on it? How about over 150 different species?
  • I draw everything on the computer with a mouse. I tried a tablet but couldn’t get into it.
  • When I create a new design collection, the first image takes about 2-3 months. Additional images take about a month. For example, California took 2-3 months and the Hummingbird took about 1 month.
  • The hardest part of the design process is the end when I am trying to find just the right shapes to finish my “puzzle.”
  • I only use recycled paper.
  • As a stay at home mom for the past 10 years, I relish the opportunity to share my artistic gifts through my business.

Alice Frost is an artist who explores the wildlife of California. Alice grew up drawing, painting and taking photos of the rare egret that come to visit her neighborhood ditch in Fresno, CA. 

Since moving to the Bay Area to attend Santa Clara University, where she studied painting, Alice has found her forever home in Northern California. Her love of art and nature come together like a puzzle in her detailed and nature inspired work.

All products created by Alice Frost are designed in her Petaluma, CA studio. She uses local business for printing and always uses recycled paper for products.


Would you like to carry Alice Frost products in your shop? I would love that! Please email to request a link to my line sheet.





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