California Birds Fine Art Print

California Birds Fine Art Print

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Did you know there are 646 native birds that live in or migrate through California each year? I didn't either until I say an orange and black bird at a neighbor's feeder that I had never seen before. My guide book told me it was a Bullock's Oriole. I became curious about all the birds that live in California and got excited to make art out of my discovery. This California Birds Fine Art Print has 171 different birds from all categories from the ocean to the mountains.  Each birds name is listed in the background.

The California Birds Art is a new take on classic silhouettes. Bird and Nature lovers alike will take pleasure in exploring the variety of bird life while you identify all of the different birds. Silhouettes are great for a child's room but sophisticated enough for adults too.

Listing includes one professional 8"x10" Fine Art Print printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. Please note that because the paper is recycled it may have some imperfections but I make sire the quality is still gorgeous.

Watermark not present on print.

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