Oak Woodland Birds with Names Fine Art Print 8x10

Oak Woodland Birds with Names Fine Art Print 8x10


A cool breeze blows through your hair as you make your way down the hiking path. The dappled sunlit path below the grandfather oaks leads you near the rocky bed of a quiet creek. tap tap tap tap tap Your head shoots up, searching for the source of the sound. wack-a wack-a The distinctive laugh of the Acorn Woodpecker hits your ears. Eyes search back and forth at the top of the tree until you see the bright red crown of this unmistakable oak woodland bird.

The Acorn Woodpecker is one of more than 150 native birds found in the oak woodlands of the western United States. This habitat is ideal for bird species because of the abundant food supply of acorns, brush and trees for shelter and cavities for nesting. Conservation efforts to restore degrading oak woodland habitats help to preserve these rich wildlife areas.

Although you might not be able to hit the hiking trail with your binoculars everyday, you can still surround yourself with the beauty of nature.
Hanging an Oak Woodland print in your living room can brighten your day and inspire you to start planning your next hike. Spark conversations with your favorite nature lover friend at your next dinner party.

No trees were harmed in the creation of these prints made on 100% post-consumer waste recycled card stock. No sense in hurting nature to love it.

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